Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hil and Henry

"He lied. He said there were weapons of mass destruction—there were none. And then they knew there were none."  Note how Gawker outright lies and makes Trump into a truther.

"The "Race To Raqqa" Is Quickly Intensifying"  Maybe, but real evidence is slim to non-existent, and mostly generated by the Russians, who seem to be starting a propaganda war to avert any funny stuff (don't get me wrong - preemptive propaganda is a good idea, and should be employed more often by the opponents of Empire).  More:
  • "Turkey and Saudi Arabia: to fight or to flight?" 
  • "Saudi Arabia Deploys Forces to Turkey: Another Big Step to Bring World Closer to War" (note that this Russian propaganda contains no evidence that the Saudis have deployed)
  • "Turkey PM: Ankara Fired at Kurds in Response to Proximity to Azaz"

The time to intervene was months ago; this looks like frustration.

"Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record"

A frock designer for the 0.1% was, naturally, the go-between of the greatest friendship of out time, Hil and Henry the K:  "Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal.".  Punta (corrected) Cana is a Puerto Rican hop, skip and a jump from 'orgy island'.  I'd like to think of Hil and Kissinger sitting on the beach, drinking rum, and staring out to sea towards Little Saint James in the (Until Recently) Virgin Islands, where Bill is being serviced by some of the Mossad's underage prostitutes.  If you consider Hil's 'donors', and Bill's hobbies, you can start to get an inkling why there are so many Wars For The Jews.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


"Will D.C. Madam’s Infamous “Little Black Book” Emerge?"

"The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called ‘Henry’ to intercede with ‘Bibi’"  "The Clintons Earned Over $3.5 Million in Paid Addresses to Pro-Israel Organizations"  "Lightning Rod Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Is Mostly Backed by Jewish Donors"  "Zio-whore Hillary & Her Seven Sleazy Zionist Top Campaign Donors"

"Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?"

"Should Argentina Now Pay the Ransom to Its Hostage-Takers?"

"Litvinenko and the Demise of British Justice" (footnotes removed):
"Before he died, however, Litvinenko did nominate his killer and I am not referring to the manifestly false allegation referred to above. The man he pointed to was Mario Scaramella, a convicted felon who also happened to be an expert in nuclear waste.
Litvinenko had lunch with Scaramella at a sushi bar before his evening meeting with Lugovoi and Kovtun at the Pine Bar. Scaramella apparently did not eat or drink anything at that lunch, but he did require hospital treatment shortly thereafter for a mild case of polonium poisoning.
Disregarding the wildly improbable, the logical possibilities therefore seem to be:

  • Litvinenko was himself carrying the plutonium, which was shown to Scaramella thereby causing Scaramella’s later symptoms.  This does not explain why Litvinenko would ingest the substance voluntarily.  Recall also Litvinenko pointing the finger at Scaramella as the source of his illness and there seems no other plausible explanation for that accusation.
  • Litvinenko was already infected when he met Scaramella.  This would be consistent with the twin “spikes” of polonium poisoning said to have been found in Litvinenko’s body.
  • Litvinenko deliberately ingested the polonium himself.  This seems the least likely hypothesis.
  • Litvinenko was known to be trading in nuclear materials (but ignored by the media) accidentally poisoned himself.  This was the hypothesis most favoured by Epstein in his 2008 article and it still best fits the known facts.
  • Scaramella poisoned Litvinenko at some stage through the course of the sushi lunch (which he himself did not partake of).  Scaramella’s abstinence from food or drink is odd to say the least.
This is not to accuse Scaramella of doing the deed, but it is a logical possibility that the Judge did not seem to consider despite the supporting evidence, including Scaramella’s own illness that is otherwise difficult to explain."

Friday, February 12, 2016

Paralyzing indecision

What we're seeing a lot of is really bad advice from World Jewry and its pathetic shabbos goyim minions, but a paralyzing indecision from the stooges who are supposed to carry out this advice, while the Russians/Syrians/etc just carry on winning, rendering the warmongering moot.

"Putin is No Ally Against ISIS" by George Soros!!!

"Do we need a bigger war?" "The Race To Raqqa Is On - To Keep Its Unity Syria Must Win"

"In Re Syria:"

Still at it (the propaganda machine is a chicken with its head cut off):  "In Syria, If You Can't Find Moderates, Dress Up Some Extremists".

"A Syrian Breakthrough" by Israel Shamir:
"The Russian success in Syrian war could not be achieved without President Obama’s cautious neutrality. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, after all. An American president could turn this excellent Russian adventure into sheer hell, even without going to war. Let us give praise where it is due: Washington quietly allows the Russians to save Syria, despite Israeli wailing and Saudi shrieks."

France is fucked, Europe is fucked.  "French MPs vote for enshrining emergency powers in constitution"  Those French politicians who resign now might spare themselves a well-deserved guillotining. "Medvedev: Ground Operation Could Lead to a Permanent War in Syria"  "US Blames Putin When Erdogan Caught Weaponizing Refugees"

That highly successful Mossad blackmail operation - Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, etc - is back in court:  "Feds deceived us about billionaire sex offender's 'sweetheart deal,' teen victims say".

Grayson is a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist who has been treated by the goddamn American 'left' as a progressive:  "Alan Grayson’s Double Life: Congressman and Hedge Fund Manager".

"Angry Erdogan to US: “You are either beside us, or all of these terrorist organizations”"  "Turkey’s Revival of a Dirty ‘Deep State’"

"UPDATE: Sirhan Denied Parole; RFK Friend Distraught"

It is important for Americans to realize that the nomination process is a farce, and Hillary has already won:  "Bernie Didn't Win New Hampshire. No Joke."

Another laugh-out-loud headline:  "IMF warns Ukraine it will halt $40bn bailout unless corruption stops".  Bonus:  Christine Lagarde complaining about corruption!

"Ontario man missing 30 years suddenly remembers own identity"

Thursday, February 11, 2016


"In Defence of Single-Member Plurality" (footnotes removed):
 "Parties evolved in our system so that the House of Commons could support a government. The proponents of proportional representation have got it all backwards: parliament does not exist in order to serve parties; instead, it exists in order to support a government that can carry out the Queen’s business. Unlike the horseshoe-shaped consensus parliaments of Continental European, which reformers here exalt, our House of Commons consists of two sides; to the Speaker’s right sits the Ministry and government backbenchers, and to his left sits the opposition, the largest party of which acts as the government-in-waiting. As Peter Hitchens argues:

    The electoral system is not there for the good of the parties, but for the good of the country.It has two irreplaceable and unique characteristics. The first is that it provides strong government, constantly challenged by a vigilant and ambitious opposition.The next is that it allows the people, when enraged or otherwise disappointed by a bad government, to turn it out completely.

In short, single-member plurality is for the good of the country; the  in contrast, proportional systems serve political parties themselves, particularly small irrelevant parties like the Greens which exist only in the hope of achieving what Pepall calls a grossly disproportionate “imbalance of power” in hung parliaments by suspending itself like the Sword of Damocles over the government’s head and extorting absurd demands from it in order to cater to the narrowest slices of the electorate. Under mixed-member proportional, we could no longer say that we elect members of parliament alone; instead, with one ballot, we would elect some members, and on another we would elect parties instead, but not the lists that determine the order in which parties fill up their quotas or the proportional seats distributed in order to match their share of seats with their seat of the popular vote. Proportional representation — whether pure or mixed-member proportional — springs from the false and presumed premise that the House of Commons exists to support parties, when in fact parties evolved in order to support ministries that could successfully carry out the Queen’s business and sustain their parliamentary majorities.  Political parties aggregate interests and exist in order to form government, and being in government is about taking responsibility for acts of the Crown and making decisions. Governing is about making decisions to the exclusive of all others; it is not about making multiple decisions in proportion to the share of votes that different parties and their platforms won in the previous general election. Ultimately, this is why the people as a whole — the constituent body of the realm — will invariably be unhappy or dissatisfied with what the government of the day does. As Pepall says, “to govern is to choose.”"

It is nothing short of staggering that this voting reform movement in Canada occurs at exactly the same time that we have before us a spectacular exhibition in Europe of the systematic weaknesses of various alternatives to 'first past the post'.

"Immigrant Crisis: Facts, Myth or Plot?" Europe will survive the refugees, but can it survive the fascism?

"What US Congress Researchers Reveal About Washington’s Designs on Syria" by Stephen Gowans.

"Trudeau’s ISIS policy gets an assist from Obama—and Harper":
"One possible interpretation, which I suspect you will find represented in the comment section below this post soon enough, is that the Obama crowd are so thoroughly unable to find their own hindquarters with a map and a flashlight that they don’t even know when they have been hung out to dry by quislings."
We're reached Peak Satire, the point where the headlines of the Jew-controlled mainstream media are identical to the headlines of the Jew-controlled satirical media: "Syrian Opposition Groups Sense U.S. Support Fading"

"Routine Proceedings" An excellent blog on the minutiae of Canadian Parliamentary politics, including a detailed description, complete with fashion notes (!), of each Question Period (both main opposition parties in Canada are currently completely incapable of asking useful questions).

"This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants":  'muscular'. indeed.

"Now we are One…":
"We take it as an achievement that the Guardian has recently made it clear it will ban people from commenting if they link to OffG, because we make – in their own words – “statements of fact regarding our journalists credibility.”"

"Jiantao Culture & Flint Water Crisis: Why Not Use Chinese Methods?"  Shoot the politicians and bureaucrats involved and send their families bills for the bullets.

"Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy's killer, is denied parole a 15th time"  Needless to say, the fact that it was physically and geometrically - I'd like to say trajectorially - impossible for him to have done the crime for which he is in jail does not enter into the deliberations.  "RFK Friend to Raise Doubts About Sirhan Guilt at Parole Hearing".  The authorities are sheepish about it:  "Why New Ban on Televising Sirhan Parole Hearing?".  "'The girl in the polka dot dress'".

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Enough is enough

"Enough is enough — U.S. abdication on Syria must come to an end" by Michael Ignatieff and Leon Wieseltier!!!  Yes, enough is enough.  No more listening to monsters whose fangs pour with blood!  Give Ignatieff credit - he's unfailingly and profoundly wrong about everything, morally and practically, so just do the exact opposite of what he suggests.

Essentially, Aleppo is the last big battle of the Jewish Empire.

"Jeremy Salt On Anti Syria Propaganda Escalation"

Ottoman methods of waging war:  "Turkey’s Erdoğan threatened to flood Europe with migrants, leak reveals".  European unwillingness to deal with this remains baffling.

"A three-ring circus in Finland: soldiers, clowns, and asylum seekers"

"Washington Again Underestimated the Iranian Mind" De-dollarization.

"How Corporations Killed Medicine"

"Southern Exposure– ZODIAC & Riverside"

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


"Israel's International Conspiracy"  Sayanim. Saving the world will involve, of necessity, forcefully dealing with this.

Parasite-host:  "Israel Reveals Details of Obama's Aid Package".  'Negotiations'!

"West Bank Settlers’ Listings on Airbnb Draw Palestinian Anger"  Odd, until you remember that the current plan of World Jewry is to put all the blame on the far-off settlers (the close-in settlers are to get free stolen Palestinian land).

"Merkel mission unaccomplished"  The Euro-trash who run Europe could have vetoed all the Wars For The Jews, and there would be no refugee problem.  Now they have put themselves at the tender mercies of Turkey.  As always, you can get away with being stupid, and you can get away with being evil, but you can never get away with being both stupid and evil.

The Saudis share a problem with Israel -  an army sissified by spending its time terrorizing civilians:  "The Disingenuous Saudi “Offer” to Fight in Syria".  Contrast that with the Syrian army, battle-hardened by fighting lung-eaters into a lean, mean fighting machine.

The geniuses who run Algonquin College are having difficulty understanding the nature of the problem:  "Algonquin College considers women-only Saudi Arabia campus".  They can't be that stupid, can they?  I have to assume there are kick-backs involved.

Monday, February 08, 2016


"Hungarian Lessons" by Linh Dinh:
"What has been most highlighted and lambasted is Orban’s stance on the current refugee/illegal immigrant crisis, but some of his other decisions are even more rebellious against the hegemony of the AngloZionists, to borrow a term from the Saker.
Orban rejected the IMF’s austerity measures, increased Hungary’s oversight over its Central Bank, raised taxes for all banks and, in 2013, even kicked out the International Monetary Fund. Orban’s moves against banksters have not been foregrounded by the international press because banksters and their allies don’t want you to think too much about their rampant criminal activities.
In defiance of the AngloZionists’ effort to isolate Russia, Orban’s government agreed in 2014 to have South Stream go through Hungary. This Russian gas pipeline would also have crossed Turkey’s territorial waters, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia and Austria. Though it would have benefited all of Europe, South Stream was scuttled by our global elites through pressure on Bulgaria. In contrast to Hungary’s decision, Poland has gone out of its way to avoid relying on Russian natural gas by arranging in 2006 to buy from distant Qatar. Thanks to a delay in the construction of a sea terminal, Poland still hasn’t quaffed any Qatar liquefied natural gas, though it’s already paying through its nose due to contractual obligations. Huffing the Russian stuff costs a lot less.
Besides seeking closer ties with Russia, Orban has repeatedly stressed that sanctions against Russia hurts all European countries. What he’s advocating, then, is a Europe that must look out for its own interests in defiance of the suicide diktats from the AngloZionists.
In 2011, Orban banned GMO crops from Hungary and destroyed 1,000 acres of corn planted with Monsanto seeds.
Also of note is Orban’s reaching out to Hungarians in neighboring countries. His government has provided monetary aid and even citizenship to all ethnic Hungarians (with the stipulation that one must speak the language to be naturalized). Thanks to the vindictive Treaty of Trianon after World War I, Hungary lost 71% of its land and 66% of its people. Not even Germany was truncated so ruthlessly.
Orban’s government has revoked tax-exemption status from most Hungarian religious organizations, including all versions of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Baha’i, all but three Jewish synagogues, as well as many Christian orders or denominations such as Opus Dei, Benedictines, Marists, Carmelites, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Episcopalians and Methodists. The only ones to receive state recognition and support are those deemed traditional to Hungarian society.
Echoing Putin and other leaders, Orban has condemned NGOs as a fifth column. Though as a young man, Orban received a four-month scholarship from the Soros Foundation to study in Oxford, he is fingering the Budapest-born Soros as an unwelcome meddler in Hungary and the rest of Europe. Thanks for the chump change, George, but bugger off!"
"France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” — Part 2" (or how a disliked loser two-bit politician - a tedcruzian character - with no prospects becomes Prime Minister of France):
"Valls’ turn towards Israel was first evident in his decision, in January 2009 at the height of the Israelis’ murderous Operation Cast Lead against the Gaza Strip, announcing Évry’s twinning with an Israeli town. In November 2009, he declined for the first time to host Six Hours for Palestine at the town hall.
Having divorced his first wife after having four children, Valls remarried with the Romanian-origin Jewish violin-player Anne Gravoin in 2010. The marriage apparently unlocked considerable networking opportunities for Valls. One attendee of the wedding reported that: “It was fun, the town hall was chock full. Anne, of Jewish origin, had invited a branch of her family, orthodox Jews. [. . .] [There were] men who wore kippas, coming from Manhattan or London, and imams from the Essonne [the county Évry is located in]” (21, 44). One magazine reported that “Anne Gravoin opened to her husband her ‘cultural’ networks, show-business, and does not hesitate to say in socialite dinners that ‘Manuel’s career’ owes her a great deal” (20). Valls was keen to advertise his new love interest, appearing in Paris Match with a full-page photograph of them kissing.
There have been many claims that Gravoin has played a major role in her husband’s embrace of Zionism and in particular in his relentless persecution of the Cameroonian-French comedian Dieudonné. Former foreign minister Roland Dumas — who had served under President François Mitterrand, himself highly critical of Jewish power[13] — claimed that Valls was “under Jewish influence” through his wife.
While women often command a powerful influence over their husbands, I tend to think that Valls’ Zionist turn is more hard-headed: Simply, he is pandering to the most powerful ethnic networks in the country. His wife is complementary to that end. As he rose in the Socialist Party, his constituency shifted from the anti-Zionist Afro-Muslims in the party’s base, to the Zionist Jews that are critically overrepresented among the party’s elite. Valls apparently calculated this Zionist turn was necessary to having a successful national career, with support both in the party and the media. As a typical “democratic politician,” Valls was willing to prove perfectly unprincipled and change his opinions to suit the constituency of the moment."
"Ten Facts Why Netanyahu is a Criminal and that Israel is a “Rogue State”"

"‘Barbarism by an educated and cultured people’ — Dawayima massacre was worse than Deir Yassin" "Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000"

"My 40 Years in Prison" by Leonard Peltier

"90% of what goes on at The New Yorker can be explained by Vulgar Marxism" (this entitled idiot is a star of today's 'journalism' - how can that be?):
"These are the words and phrases Schwartz uses to describe a black president: sheer force, fluid, honed, the jump shot, the dancing. The dancing! Not to mention the unmastered revulsion to age itself (that mention of gout), which seems to drive so much of this piece.
But that’s all incidental. What really strikes the reader is just how removed Schwartz is from the experiences of her generation, how utterly clueless she is about the economic hardships so many young men and women face today.
It’s true that Schwartz graduated from the tony Brearley School in Manhattan (annual tuition: $43,000) in 2005 and Yale (annual tuition, fees, and costs: $65,000) in 2009, whereupon, after a few detours, she landed a spot at The New Yorker, from which she reports on Paris (cost: priceless).
But does she have no friends or relatives who are struggling with student debt, low-paying or nonexistent jobs? Has she not read an American newspaper or magazine in the last twelve months? Is the cognitive divide between the have’s and the have-not’s that stark, that extreme?
Whatever the case may be, the Sanders campaign has brought that divide to light. We officially live in a world, to paraphrase Bob Fitch, where 90% of what goes on at The New Yorker can be explained by vulgar Marxism."

Sunday, February 07, 2016


"France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” – Part 1" (lots of good details on the cultivation of elite power networks):
"In this, the independent French journalist Emmanuel Ratier — who passed away in August of last year — has provided a useful little book titled Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls (The True Face of Manuel Valls). Ratier specializes in documenting and archiving the statements and acts of elite French circles, notably of the political class, big business, and Freemasonry.

The basic theme of the book, largely citing official and mainstream sources, is that Valls’ meteoric rise to power has been largely due to cultivating elite power networks, typically with heavily Jewish leadership. Valls enjoyed a secure place on the margins of the Socialist Party, promoting a “modern” neoliberal-left ideology from a safe seat representing the heavily Afro-Islamic city of Évry, playing the tough guy on television as a kind of Socialist Sarkozy. He acquired a reputation as a tough operator prone to hysterical rages against uncooperative journalists and colleagues. Though long advertising pro-Palestinian views to pander to the citizens of Évry, Valls in 2009 performed an astonishing pro-Zionist turn and married a Jewish second wife. He then enjoyed a meteoric rise as interior minister under President François Hollande in 2012 and then as prime minister since 2014."
"Comments - Holocaust Memorial" "Israeli movement calls for separating 28 Palestinian villages from Jerusalem"  "Tel Aviv service offers cleaners priced by ethnic origin"

"European Council on Foreign Relations funded by George Soros"

"Erdogan’s Foreign Policy Is in Ruins – Henri Barkey/Foreign Policy"

"The Case for Releasing Leonard Peltier"

"Mumia Abu-Jamal: ‘Free Reverend Pinkney!’" Also.  Note the technique of declaring an economic emergency and then using undemocratic control under the guise of dealing with the emergency to strip assets from communities and hand them over to the 1%.  This has flown under the radar exactly like the technique of lowering taxes and making up fiscal shortfalls by levying an enormous amount of traffic fines on minorities.  It is actually amazing how faulty 'the radar' is in picking up big public policy decisions that have huge effects on human beings.

A comment.  I'm interested in the fact that high-level genetics has completely changed in the past twenty years, and there is an enormous amount of politics and dangerous crappy science resting on misunderstandings based on the old genetics (e.g., all of 'scientific racism':  will the scientific racists, who think of themselves as reasonable people compelled by science, recant?).

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Not subtle

Not subtle at all.  "Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Marco Rubio (BUT NOT BECAUSE OF SHELDON ADELSON)"  "Adelson-owned newspaper denies Rubio endorsement came from Adelson". Even more amazing:  "Journalists as ‘hit squad:’ Connecting the dots on Sheldon Adelson, the Review-Journal of Las Vegas and Edward Clarkin in Connecticut"

"No Fair Hearing for Assange at the Guardian"  "Julian Assange, the UN, and Meanings of Arbitrary Detention"  It is striking, but not at all surprising, how the media outright lies about the facts of this case.

Comment by Denis.  Public health authorities in various Latin American countries are taking this seriously, making it unlikely that it is just an American media stunt.  One effect will be an improvement in reproductive rights for women, a factor which usually leads to liberation in politics generally (which of course is why reproductive rights have to be kept locked down).

"Hillary's son-in-law is a Wall Street hedge fund partner." "Who Hatched Rubio?"  "Giving Peace Very Little Chance"

"Pseudo-leftist Cognitive Policing on Race" by Gearóid Ó Colmáin

"Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid!"  Warmongering for pure violent group supremacist purposes, always by the same one identifiable group, in plain sight (boasting about it, even!), always leading to absolute disasters for everybody else, but don't you dare notice!!!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Chased by a bear

"Why the ‘Sultan of Chaos’ is freaking out"

"Turkey’s Gates To Europe" It is like that joke about being chased by a bear - it doesn't matter how stupid Turkey is as long as Turkey is smarter than Europe.

"The Italian Connection and “Girlfriends” of World Chaos"  Part of the Soros Army of Evil.

"Who Are the Real Heirs of Zionism?"  The settlers are entirely to blame, so once Israel pretends to deal with them, Israel is good again.

"UN Panel Rules That, Yes, Julian Assange Has Been Arbitrarily Detained"  Swedes are the new Jews, so international law is of no concern to them.  "Freeing Julian Assange: the last chapter"

"All the News That’s Fit to Print"  The US has built this weird secret slave society, and could not function without 'illegals'.  There is the striking idea amongst the Trump-loving hillbillies that somehow the United States is the 'victim' of all these Mexican peasants, while all evidence shows that the system operates exactly as the American government wants it to.

"Nuland-Surkov Meeting: US Tries to Re-Write Minsk II: Russia Says No"  World Jewry is getting desperate.

"Taub Nomination for Top Foreign Ministry Job Fails (for now) After Accusations of Pederasty"  Linked to for the title.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fantastically insane

"Short And Sharp: Saa Cuts Off Rebel "LOC" With Northern Aleppo"  ""South Front" 3 February 2016 Aleppo maps"  "Syria: 'Negotiations' Over Insurgency's Northern Supply Route Concluded"  And Turkey can't do anything about it as it is terrified Russia would retaliate by arming the Kurds:  "An Explosive Situation Is Brewing in Turkey"

"Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge In the News Again: Still Too Many Awkward Questions" Details on one of the jihadist factories.

"Euromaidan unmasked: Europe shocked by the bitter truth on Ukraine"

Dumb shit watch:  "Harper: More Team Obama Provocations Against Russia"  Szubin is a big lawfare thug:  "Adam Szubin, 42, the top U.S. Treasury Department official to monitor Iran’s sanctions compliance, was in New Jersey this week, traveling with Sen. Corey Booker (D-N.J.) and speaking to Jewish groups. Szubin is the product of an Orthodox home and day school education in Bergen County, N.J., and was a founder in 2002 of the DC Minyan, a traditional congregation with an egalitarian flavor."  Note how he blindsided Kerry, Nudelman-Kagan-style.  The treason - not to mention the consistent identity of the traitors - is very obvious.

This is indeed excellent, top tier analysis:  "The “German Question”"

Nonsense, obvious nonsense:  "Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel"

"Why I Use the Term ‘AngloZionist’, and Why It’s Important".  Nietzsche's problem is still a problem.

"Want Endless War? Love the U.S. Empire? Well, Hillary Clinton’s Your Choice"  Hil makes Dick Cheney look like a hippie peacenik.  Her Presidency would put a dagger in any hope of a decent life for 99% of the American population.

"Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East"

"Conspiracy Theorists Think Zika Is a Biological Weapon"

"What Happened to Jane Mayer When She Wrote About the Koch Brothers"

"Update: NY Times Hoaxers Come Forward"  Sadly, it was the vile Jewish Voices for Peace.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


"Gangs, populism, and conspiracy theory overshadow West’s role in refugee crisis"  The crisis is a political perpetual motion machine, with the stupid reaction leading to more of the underlying cause of the crisis, and thus more crisis, and so on.

"A Change of Heart at The NY Times!"  Mocking the blood pouring from the fangs of the NYT.

"Noam Chomsky opposes cultural boycott of Israel"  The overarching theme of noamianism is never offering any possible solutions.  Liberal Zionism is a trick to buy time.

"Palestinians cry foul over planned mixed-gender Western Wall section"  As usual, the Jews are squabbling over the loot they stole, a trick to allow them to steal more.

" . . . several commentators expressed concern that Microsoft, a Rubio backer, was counting the votes."  "Why I think Clinton did not win the Iowa caucuses: The spread between Clinton and Sanders remained at 49.8 to 49.6 percent for soooo long, increased a bit, a few times, but always returned to 49.8 to 49.6, never quite getting to 49.7 to 49.7. And Des Moines was at 83% percent for evvvvver. Until REALLY LATE."

""U.S. Fortifying Europe’s East to Deter Putin" - TTG"  This is the kind of big 'stupid shit' that I thought Barry was trying to avoid.

"Biden's Son Continues to Buy Gas Assets in Ukraine"  So ridiculously corrupt it reaches the level of comedy.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


"Short And Sharp: Showdown At Aleppo"  It's true there are different types of freedom fighters sitting across the table in Geneva from the legitimate Syrian government.. Some like to eat the human heart, while others enjoy the human liver.  Thankfully, it will all soon be moot.

"Towards peace in Syria without armed opposition – Thierry Meyssan/":
"Indeed, at the beginning of the war, the opposition was represented by intellectuals whom the CIA had corrupted during the preceding years, and by the Muslim Brotherhood, who had been working for Langley since at least 1953. This is no longer the case. The intellectuals, who had the capacity to govern, were obliged to leave their place to warlords recruited and financed by Saudi Arabia. But the Saudi kingdom is a tribal régime which accepts only relations of a tribal « lord-vassal » nature. It therefore chose its warlords according to their ethnicity or their tribal origin. After several years, even those who originated from urban families returned to tribal behaviour. By doing so, they are now no longer representative of anyone but the nomads of the Saudi-Syrian desert. As for the Muslim Brotherhood, they were unable to hold on to power in Tunisia and Egypt. Consequently, they are not considered by Washington to be capable of governing a country.
The nomination by Riyadh of a President and a spokesman for the Negotiations Committee chosen among the ex-Ba’athist ministers, was not enough to mask the real presence of tribal warlords.
This, by the way, is one of the lessons of this war – the unnatural alliance of the Western powers and the Saudis has hit a cul-de-sac. What was tolerable for the Saudis in their own country is not so abroad. The expansion of Wahhabism is now causing problems for Europe on its own territory, and the advent of tribalism in the Near East would be a catastrophe for all, since it would mean the « somalisation » of the region. This was without doubt the objective of the Straussians, but it is no longer the goal of President Obama. It can not be stressed strongly enough that modern States are absolutely incompatible with tribal societies, which is what led all modern states to settle their population."

"The Rise of ISIS and Other Extremist Groups: the role of the West and Regional Powers ~ By Bouthaina Shaaban"

""An Improbable Solution"  Hof

"Monsef says mature democracy can do better than first-past-the-post"  Here's hoping that the unending squabbling between various factions will lead to no change from the best system possible that Canada already has.

"radiation - fyi"

Monday, February 01, 2016

When you want to take up this gruesome fight

"Review: Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem [Part One of Two]"  "Review: Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem [Part Two of Two]"  White nationalists are always disappointed in Nietzsche.  Eternal return!:
"Was Nietzsche bold or stupid? As stated above, I don’t think he quite fully grasped the scale of the ethnic conflict subtly playing out in Germany at that time, or the sheer power already enjoyed by Jews. For someone of his (then lowly) position, his 1872 lecture appears to me as a step too soon. Wagner had of course taken even further steps against Jewish influence — but the older man possessed significantly more stature and legitimacy. Nietzsche sent his lecture notes to Wagner on February 4, and the composer replied cautiously. Wagner, who was fully aware of the damage that could be wrought by Jews on lone targets like himself, responded: “I say to you: that’s the way it is. … But I am concerned about you, and wish with my entire heart that you don’t ruin yourself.” Cosima, Wagner’s wife, also wrote to Nietzsche expressing concern. Starting by citing Goethe (‘Everything significant is uncomfortable’), she said that his ‘boldness’ and ‘bluntness’ surprised her. In a later letter she makes her concerns more explicit, stating that she wanted him to take some “maternal” advice so that he should “avoid stirring up a hornet’s nest” :

    Do you really understand me? Don’t mention the Jews, and especially not en passant; later, when you want to take up this gruesome fight, in the name of God, but not at the very outset, so that on your path you won’t have all this confusion and upheaval. I hope you don’t misunderstand me: you know that in the depths of my soul I agree with your utterance. But not now and not in this way.

According to Cosima’s diaries, Nietzsche was summoned to a meeting with her and Wagner on February 12 to discuss the lecture. We can only speculate at what precisely was said, but Nietzsche dropped the Jewish reference from the published version of his lecture and nothing similar to it would ever again appear in his speeches or published writings. He would continue to attack the evils of the press, newspapers, financial affairs, the stock exchange, modernity, urban life, and cosmopolitanism — but he would never again mention them in conjunction with Jews or Judaism. Holub argues that the episode taught Nietzsche that he should not mention the Jews by name and certainly not attack them in print. He would thereafter adopt the same ‘cultural code’ that many anti-Jewish intellectuals were forced to utilize as a means of fighting the culture war without being labelled ‘anti-Semitic.’"
See what happens when you try to obsolescence-proof your product?: "Stationery chain Typo pulls world globe that names Palestine over Israel"

"Ukraine Asks French TV to Refrain From Broadcasting Movie About the Events in Odessa"

"Week Sixteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: a US Invasion of Syria Next?"  Barry's at that stage where he thinks he's made it through two terms without a disaster wrecking his place in the history books.

"The European Troublemakers"  Purest of the pure.

"Quotations From Madame Hillary"  You would think it would be easy to avoid constantly sounding like a deranged monster.

Looks like the new 'one issue' money has already kicked in:  "Clinton Ominously Tells Iowan Supporters To Mark Front Doors With Campaign Logo Before Sundown"

Sunday, January 31, 2016


"The emperor has no clothes: The West Bank, settlements and the two State Solution"  It is clear that the current plan is to play up the settlements as the only real problem (and this strategy goes way back to the concentration camp guard), annex the big settlement blocks and make a big deal of abandoning the 'hilltop youth' (without, of course, actually abandoning the covert settlement expansion and harassment of Palestinians), give up some useless land as part of the 'swap', and declare the matter settled, removing the need for BDS and product labeling and deligitimization of Israel proper.  That is why BDS has been carefully crafted to point only at the settlements.  Nothing will actually change - the settlement process will continue, and Israel still won't fix its borders - but corrupt politicians can be paid off to declare that Israel is again kosher.  This is just another aspect of the time-buying strategy of Zionism.

"New Atheism, Worse Than You Think"  "How the Humanist Movement Fosters Economic Injustice".  (Unfortunately, this is tl;dr territory, and could use severe editing).  I'm always astonished, but using atheism of all things as a cover for extreme right-wing hate - and in particular, a front for Islamophobia I guess on the basis that we somehow won't notice they have a problem with only one religion, and a caricature of one religion at that - is a particularly unexpected move.  New Atheism also fits nicely into glibertarianism.  New Atheism is obviously self-contradictory, and arbitrary in its fascinations, odd for a 'philosophy' of supposedly educated and smart people. The 'movement' - of perhaps a couple dozen people with privileged access to the media and publishing outlets - is largely branding, with the glibertarians realizing that organized religion has been completely discredited for many very good reasons, and so hopping on the bandwagon to sell a different kind of shit.

"The Greatest Murderer in History"  Margolis returns to form.  This is hate speech as Hitler doesn't get his due.

"Michael Moore: 10 Things They Won’t Tell You About the Flint Water Tragedy, But I Will" There used to be legal and ethical and reputation reasons why politicians and bureaucrats wouldn't take this kind of huge risk with human lives, but the costs of fighting all those Wars For The Jews means that the necessity of cost-cutting trumps all, with the main job of the politicians to cover up the fact that the richest country in the world somehow has no money for the most basic domestic necessities.  There just isn't any money for potable water.  You can blame Snyder, but he is not the deep problem.

"Syria's Base Wars":  "The US in this scenario is reduced to a trespasser coming up to an occupied house, unable to do anything else but leer through the window."

"Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination" (NYT).  I haven't done the math, but it looks like they are getting something like 1% agreement from the comments!  Her campaign is turning into a fiasco of disassociation between elite opinion and opinion of human beings.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Incomprehensibly stupid and insane 'science', or biowarfare?

Incomprehensibly stupid and insane 'science', or biowarfare?  "Zika Outbreak Epicenter In Same Area Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes Released In 2015"  "Genetically modified mosquitoes released in Brazil in 2015 linked to the current Zika epidemic?"  It is funny how these huge biological replacement schemes always backfire into a huge disaster.  Always!!!  GM also always backfires.  Of course, people living in the jungles of Brazil are a problem for land-clearing schemes, so this may not be a mistake.

People living in Florida are a problem for all kinds of reasons:  "Florida Keys Project".  "Genetically Modified Mosquito Sparks a Controversy in Florida"  Since these bugs don't fly far, how is it that they are being found in various parts of the United States?  We're told they are carried by people.  Have you ever carried a mosquito any distance?

"Left out of the media hype . . . is that Clinton already has more than half of all Democratic super-delegates — 359 of the 712 outstanding, according to an Associated Press count — before any votes have been cast." Hil has to pretend to be worried about Bernie for months.  Hil-arious!

"Hillary Clinton’s Own Petard"

"Will the 2016 Primaries Be Electronically Rigged?"

An e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y blatant example of outright police murder, but still:  "Eroding trust in police may be changing what happens in trials".

"10 Publishers Account For Half Of All Online News"  Also (I'm detecting a pattern here, you know the one):
  1. "Rupert Murdoch firm dips into hipsters' bible with $70m stake in Vice";
  2. "Ha Ha: Hillary Clinton’s Top Financial Supporter Now Controls “The Onion”"  We won't be seeing this kind of thing any more:  "Israel Builds New Settlement To Host Palestinian Peace Talks";
  3. "Gawker Gets its First Outside Investment Ever, From a Russian Oligarch"  "Viktor Vekselberg".
The forecast, as always, is for a shekel blizzard in Washington:  "Congress is sneakily trying to rewrite American policy on Israeli settlements. It must be stopped – Emily Hauser/TheWeek"

Useful summary:  "Drunk on Hate and Mad at the World"

"Nazi Roots of Ukraine’s Conflict"

Of course, the European plan is to claim all refugees are phony, and rapists, and start new Wars For The Jews.  Let's see how that works out for you.  "EU migration crisis: Stop illegal wars, don’t blame the victims"

"You have now landed in Geneva, Syria":
"Ankara’s game is three-pronged; prop up their heavily battered Turkmen proxies; keep very much alive the corridor to Aleppo – a corridor that crucially includes the Jihadi Highway between Turkey and Syria; and most of all prevent by all means necessary that YPG Kurds bridge the gap from Afrin to Kobani and unite all three Syrian Kurd cantons near the Turkish border.
None of this has anything to do with fighting ISISL/ISIL/Daesh. And the nuttiest part is that Washington is actually assisting the Syrian Kurds with air support. Either the Pentagon supports the Syrian Kurds or Erdogan’s invasion of northern Syria; schizophrenia does not apply here.
A desperate Erdogan may be foolish enough to confront the Russian Air Force during his purported “invasion”. Putin is on the record saying response to any provocation will be immediate, and lethal. To top it off, the Russians and Americans are actually coordinating airspace action in northern Syria. 
This is bound to be the next big thing, fully eclipsing the Geneva pantomime. The YPG and its allies are planning a major attack to finally seize the 100-kilometer stretch of the Syria-Turkey border still controlled by ISIS/ISIL/Daesh – thus reuniting their three cantons.
Erdogan was blunt; if the YPG pushes west of the Euphrates, it’s war. Well, looks like war then. The YPG is getting ready to attack the crucial towns of Jarabulus and Manbij. Russia most certainly will aid the YPG to reconquer Jarabulus. And that will directly pit – once again - Turkey against Russia on the ground."

"Is America about to sleepwalk into a war in Libya? We need a debate now":  "specialized expeditionary targeting force".

Friday, January 29, 2016


"The CIA and Nonviolent Resistance"  Gene Sharp.  Meyssan and the Zunes/Chomsky/CIA counterattack.  Rally good stuff.  Too hard on Parry though, as Ukrainians do have some agency in this mess.

"How York University should respond to a Zionist donor’s blackmail"  All Bronfman money was obtained through blatant violent lawbreaking and racketeering, and should be confiscated by the authorities as proceeds of crime.

"Syria peace talks derailed as opposition stays away"  You'd think they would be rushing to the table to grab something before the Syrian army establishes all the facts on the ground.

"FBI Releases Video Of Shooting Death Of Oregon Occupier"  The double reach for the gun when the cops were so close makes this a clear example of suicide by cop, putting the victim in the class of American males who have given up.  Another group of males who gave up were Russian males after the end of the Soviet Union.  Jewish economists advised Yeltsin to turn over all the wealth of the country to a handful of Jewish billionaires.  The social contract, whereby work and sacrifice of a lifetime was rewarded with at least some infrastructure/security/healthcare was completely wrecked, and some form of suicide was the only option.  In the United States, Jewish billionaires bribe and blackmail politicians to spend all American wealth on Wars For The Jews, leading to an identical end of the social contract, and of the general understanding of social justice, with an inevitable turn to suicide and self-destructive behavior as the only option.  The reason white males are uniquely prone to this is that everybody else just assumes they are screwed, and thus are not disappointed - it is the sad discovery and disillusionment that leads to self-destruction.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


"Remembering Greville Janner on Holocaust Memorial Day"

"Congress Quietly Kills Ban On Funding Neo-Nazis In Ukraine"

"Refugees Take With Them What They Can and Authorities Take From That Whatever They Want"  Danes must be so proud.

"The “Turkish Stream” in the EU"

"Kouchner’s Rage: Portrait of a Warmonger and Immigrationist"

"Hundreds flee southeast Turkey warzone as 23 killed, curfew expanded in Kurdish Diyarbakir"

"How The Rothschilds Made America Into Their Private Tax Fraud Backyard":
"Next comes the need to legitimize US hypocrisy and to justify how America, in demanding everyone else opens their books, is ignored when not only does it keep its own books closed but is openly welcoming all those millionaires and billionaires whose offshore accounts were closed as a result of US intervention!"

"The Clintons: “We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died”"

"A Crazy Establishment Demands ‘Sanity’" (Parry).  "The U.S. Intervention in Libya Was Such a Smashing Success That a Sequel Is Coming"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


"The Implications of Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Snub of Victoria Nuland"  "Iran: Lifting Sanctions and Coming Betrayal" (the paper is from the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, funded by Hillary's pal Saban, the 'one-issue guy'). "Netanyahu Says the Key to Defeating Extremism Is to "Rob" People of Hope and Induce Despair".  You know what they say about the Khazars:  can't live with them, can't live without them.

"US-NATO Invade Libya to Fight Terrorists of Own Creation"  Europe's problem is apparently insufficient refugees!  Luckily, the wise and humanitarian European leaders will fix that problem!

"The Litvinenko Inquiry: London’s Absurd Show Trial"

"Moscow Snowbound, Litvinenko Poisoned, and the Syrian War" by Israel Shamir.  A comment directs us to "VICE and MI6" and MI6 involvement in the heroin racket (and this!).

"Geneva talks delay exposes (again) US links to terrorism":
"The stumbling block is finding agreement on which opposition groups are to be admitted to the negotiations. The Western news media won’t spell it out. But the main problem resides with the United States and Saudi Arabia both insisting that two militant groups should be part of the opposition to the Syrian government. Those groups are Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam) and Ahrar al-Shams (Nation of Syria).
Both are connected logistically and ideologically with Al Qaeda terror groups, including the so-called Islamic State. They are bankrolled by the like-minded Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab dictatorships, and supplied with weapons and training by the American CIA."

"China deploys in the Near East"  The absolutely massive success of this tour is very embarrassing for the Zio-American Empire, and thus is hardly mentioned in the Jew-controlled media.  Nobody wants you to get the crazy idea that peace and development might just be a slightly wiser play than never-ending Wars For The Jews.

"DoD’s Final Report on Anthrax Fiasco a Whitewash":
"The romance between Dugway and anthrax has been going on at least sixty years. When President Nixon discontinued the US’s offensive biological weapons program back in 1969, the only thing that apparently changed was the language of the biological weapons experiments. As it was no longer acceptable to produce weapons grade anthrax as an offensive weapon, the language of the work reported that weapons grade anthrax was produced in order to test countermeasures."
"LeBron James Hated in Israel after Blatt Firing; Instagram Account is Being Bombed With Comments"

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Collective harassment

"The Craziest Conspiracy Theory of Them All"

"collective harassment"  It is a tribute to the power of hatred that so many people have bought in completely to this rather elaborate media trick, which started with the bizarre assertion, in light of massive media coverage, that there was a big government-media conspiracy to cover everything up.

"Israeli “Opened Slovakia’s Door for Iraqi refugees”"  Although support for Wars For The Jews created the refugee crisis, there is a considerable amount of Israeli and Turkish effort employed to get the refugees from Turkey and the Middle East to Europe.  As always, work described as 'humanitarian'.

"Israel eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement"  Europeans ought to be aware the very same traitors who created the refugee problem are behind this.

"Seeking Bibi's Favor"

"Clinton has serious criminal exposure for the E-mail caper."  You can see how Clinton was completely aware of the legal issues and looked for work-arounds. The excuse that problems were inadvertent and technical doesn't fly.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hate route

"Murder Most Foul: The Death of Litvinenko"  Atypically moronic Margolis, ripped to shreds in the comments.

"SYRIA SITREP: Rebel Defences Crumbling In Latakia Province"

"Saudi Arabia is on the Brink of Regime Change"

"Turkey Drifts Towards Israel"

"Strategic Survey for Israel 2015|2016 – Shlomo Brom and Anat Kurz"

"WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin: More Regime Change, Please!"

"Europe’s elites use immigration to reshape it"  The refugees aren't going anywhere.  They are the predictable and predicted result of European policies, particularly support for Wars For The Jews.  You can now deal with it and integrate the arrivals into society, or you can go the hate route and end up with a permanent troubled class, as France has decided to go.  It is no shock how popular the hate route has become, as Islamophobia suits the same group who likes Wars For The Jews.

I see a lot of panicky and undignified scrambling over the Iran deal, the hidden Great Depression, and the success of the Syrian army and Russia.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


"Donald Trump, Sam Francis and the Emergence of the Alternative (“Dissident”) Right"  Il Douche suddenly has a complete political philosophy created by a dead white supremacist.  It is curious how long the bizarre combination of 'values' propaganda (i.e., religious kookiness), and completely inconsistent autistic libertarianism (people living off government checks complaining bitterly about government), has lasted for the 0.1% low wage-ians known as Republicans.  Don't tread on me, but really tread on people who don't share my particular religious beliefs, has been a powerful combination, and is now supposed to be dead.

"Christ-Killing Jewish Terrorists Rally in Support of NRO War on Trump".  Noting the irony that the Islamophobia that made Trump a real candidate comes directly from the vast sums of money spent by Jewish billionaires to promote hatred of Islam.

"Why Evangelicals Heart Donald Trump"  An insult passing as analysis.

Tweet (Adrian Carrasquillo) (it is even worse as Rudy has been cropped out; is Bloomberg trying to put pressure on Hillary not to pretend to move to the left under Sander's pressure, or is this just part of the Clinton-Trump golf-course conspiracy to get Bill back in the White House?):
"This November gonna be so lit."

"Putin's Biggest Failure" The Saker's theory is that Putin is being undermined by a group of pro-American traitors, an issue which Putin is unwilling or unable to deal with.

"Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches" To be fair, it is an hil-arious question.

"Clues Emerge on Robert Levinson, C.I.A. Consultant Who Vanished in Iran"

"West forgives Omar al-Bashir's war crimes as he joins Israeli-allied Moderate Arabs"  So when does the Zionist-stooge court known as the ICC drop its case against him?

"David Habakkuk on Sir Robert Owens' inquiry"  Back in the days of the mighty British Empire, a real British judge could do a cover-up without embarrassing himself.

"A New Yinon: Israel and Kurdistan" 

"Netanyahu: Saudi Arabia sees Israel as an ally"  "Neocons Flack for Unsavory Saudis"  "Saudi Arabia is on the Brink of Regime Change"

"George Soros: Anti -Syria Campaign Impresario." (comment on Orient News)

"American Gripen: The Solution To The F-35 Nightmare"  The F-22/F-35 problem is so deeply symbolic of imperial collapse.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Live with it

"Bernie v. Media"  This is excellent, and even covers the point that the cost of Bernie's rabid militarism is not having enough money to do the 'socialist' stuff, even if your rhetoric is nice.

"Sanders Will Win Because Empire Can Live With It"

"How an obscure adviser to Pat Buchanan predicted the wild Trump campaign in 1996"  "Donald Trump represents an America that is literally disappearing"

"A Faustian moment for the German Left"  In Europe, red always turns brown.

"Hillary Clinton angers Iowa fans who waited hours for five-minute speech" This - and the 'bathroom break' that Trump made a big deal of - is evidence of the health problems.

"Centennial College to scrap Saudi training program"  Ontario colleges have been making extra dough by setting up men-only colleges in Saudi Arabia.

"Israeli preference for ISIS suppressed by the media"

"Until Today, I Assumed Putin’s Russia Had Litvinenko Killed … Then I Looked for Myself"  This goes back to what I have been saying for a long time, that guys like Putin, fighting an evil and stupid empire, simply can't afford this kind of James Bond stuff.  The conspiracies of the dying empire all all based on Hollywood blockbusters - Putin's polonium tea, controlled demolition, and staged terrorist attacks that never occurred.

"Teaching 9/11 to Conspiracy Theorists" Meta-problem whines about problem.

"Turkish invasion threat escalates Syrian conflict"  The Turks are still prodding to see what they can get away with.

"A Russian base at Qamishli, Syria?"  "No permission sought, none given: new US airbase in Syria anyway"

"American Empire’s Shifting Strategies in the Middle East"  Tragically, we're just waiting for the next Jewed-up President, whoever he or she may be.

"Warmed-Over Propaganda: 'Putin Asks Assad To Leave'"  ""Syria opposition rules out talks before end to Russian air raids" Reuters"  Dilbert "Syrian Peace Will Be Decided on the Battlefield, Not in Vienna"

"Who is Responsible for the Suffering of Yemen?"

Friday, January 22, 2016


"Litvinenko - What Really Happened?"  A much more plausible alternative theory.  Obvious problems with the Putin-polonium theory:
  1. why would you use a complex James Bond-ish assassination scenario when there are so many easier methods, like, say, a gun?;
  2. why would you use a method that is traceable back to the source of the weapon?;
  3. why would Putin care about Litvinenko at all?;
  4. why would you use a method that is dangerous for the assassins themselves?
There is no evidence for the smuggling theory, but it is much more plausible. I can see an accident happening, resulting in the certain death of Litvinenko, with he and Berezovsky then concocting a story to frame their mutual enemy Putin, with some money going from Berezovsky to Litvinenko's family. That story actually makes sense.

What kind of public inquiry comes up with a conclusion that something 'probably' happened.  I can see saying Putin did it, or saying there is no way to know what happened, but saying Putin 'probably' did it?  Following Hutton and Chilcott, British public inquiries have become a laughingstock.

"Britain had more motivation to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia, brother claims"

Similar nonsense, which is everywhere these days:  "Kerry Pressed for MH-17 Evidence"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Facts on the ground

"Obama changes tack on Russia, calls up Putin"  The Empire can't admit weakness so this is being spun as Russia trying to get out from under the Ukrainian problem, yet the initiative was all American.  The United States has a terrible problem with parasites, and Putin has some medicine for it that Barry can't get anywhere else.

"Poroshenko and Biden Coordinate Actions for Donbass Elections"  Coordinating vote fraud.  Diebold to the rescue.

Speaking of parasites, I couldn't help but notice that the advice of various bad actors is discussed in the introduction with an anecdote of Nazi-era Bulgaria protecting its Jews!!!  More 'free' advice from George Soros.  You should always carefully listen to the opinions of this small identifiable group of Khazars 'experts' and immediately do the opposite. Whatever you do, don't notice the tiny group all the 'experts' are from.

"Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe"

"Democrats in ‘Group Think’ Land" (Parry)

Putin's facts on the ground starting to sink in:  "The Washpost is trying to escape USG censorship?" Putin is easily accomplishing 'the impossible':  "Syria : The Fallacies Of The Percentage War".  Zionist propaganda always uses the concept of inevitability:  'don't bother to oppose us as our victory is inevitable!'.  'Facts on the ground' is connected to this, and has to do with supremacism and the idea that Khazar victory is religiously preordained.

"Syria - Some Preliminary Positioning For An Endgame".  Note that the only way to save Turkey from being broken up, with the massive problems that would entail, is to re-incorporate Syrian Kurds into Syria, perhaps in some kind of federalism.  The Jews are yet again attempting massive mischief they won't bear the costs of.

"Analysis: Saudi Arabia, the next Syria?"  We may get to find out if there is any intellectual integrity at all behind ISIS, or if is it entirely a western intelligence stunt.

Meanwhile, the Empire's lackeys continue to lack:  "Alexander Litvinenko inquiry finds Vladimir Putin 'probably' ordered killing".

The one way that Trump might win is starting to shape up.  If the Democrat apparatchiks (ultra-Zionist Wasserman Schultz et al and their various Hillary tricks) force Hil in as nominee in the face of massive voter support for Sanders, average Democrat-leaning voters might be so disgusted that they stay home.  Conversely, failure of the Republicans to sink Trump might energize his supporters to go out and vote.

As always: "Feds framed my client, ISIS suspect’s lawyer says".

"Lord Bramall demands apology from police over investigation"  !!!  "Complaint to BBC: old footage used in 2016 Madaya report".  These are related as part of the general campaign of lying which takes multiple forms.

"International Outrage at Israeli Killing Spree Gets no Notice in The NY Times"

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


"New Perspective On King Assassination"  "Who Killed Martin Luther King? The Cover-Up of the Century"

"Peace And Its Enemies" (Atzmon).  Who alone is lined up against peace?  Another educational moment.

"Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame"  "Clinton Vs. Sanders - What Does Google Say... And The Facts"

"John Helmer: The Clinton-Blair Dossier on Yeltsin and Putin"  Nothing dramatic.  The dirty work takes place at lower and undocumented levels.

"Germany to Introduce Comfort Women"  "More people in Europe are dying than are being born"

"Man Dying From Cancer Spends Last Good Day On Phone With Insurance Company"  It is hilarious that it has come to the point where Bernie is seriously proposing single-payer, including the tax policy implications of financing it, and Hillary is fighting it tooth and nail.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Too clever by half

"Israel vs Iran: Israel Loses, *Big* Time":
"This is now the 2nd time that Obama has agreed to basically exchange something against nothing: the first time around, Obama had to cancel a US attack against Syria in exchange for the (costly) destruction of utterly useless Syrian chemical weapons, and now Obama is lifting sanctions in exchange for the monitoring of a non-existent Iranian military nuclear program. The Israelis fully understand that, and it is no wonder that they hate Obama with a passion."
"How Iran Got What It Wanted From the Nuclear Deal " Aaron David Miller, speaking for World Jewry, makes this very whine, more than a bit ironic as it is World Jewry's propagandists who created the mythical nuclear program in the first place.  If only Saddam had been able to find a way to negotiate the abandonment of his non-existent weapons of mass destruction, an earlier set of Jew-warmongering lies (Judy Miller et al), the Middle East would be a lot saner and safer place right now, and the United States wouldn't be so deeply wrecked..  Note how the players - Russian, Syrian and Iranian diplomats - have learned the Zen moves to parry the wall of Jew lies.  For one thing, they have learned that it is hopeless and self-defeating to attempt to counter the warmongering lies spread by the Jew-controlled media (and note that anybody who doesn't fixate on the vital importance that the media is Jew-controlled is lying to you).

On the other hand:  "Israel’s ‘Successful’ Defeat on Iran"  Excellent background on Jewish machinations:
"Iran was not an Israeli issue in Washington back in the 1980s, despite the hostile rhetoric of Iran’s then-ruler Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. On the contrary, Israel spent significant diplomatic capital in Washington at the time trying to convince the Reagan administration to reach out to Tehran and come to terms with Iran’s theocratic regime.
What later turned into the Iran-Contra scandal is just one of the many initiatives Israel took at the time to get Washington and Tehran back on talking terms. Back then, Israel was primarily concerned with the conventional military capabilities of hostile Arab states and viewed Iran as a potential ally and a balancer against the Arab powers.
Similarly, Washington’s pro-Israel organizations, led by AIPAC, were focused on countering the Palestinians and hostile Arab states. Iran wasn’t anywhere near their radar.
As the Oslo process transformed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat from a terrorist enemy to a peace partner, Israel’s attitude towards Iran began to shift dramatically. To sell the deal domestically, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin felt that another threat needed to be looming in the horizon. Rabin asked rhetorically what the real threat to Israel was: the weak Palestinians or the rising Iranians?
Moreover, in the new geopolitical reality of the region after the fall of the Soviet Union and the defeat of Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, the common threats that had provided the basis for Israel’s alliance with Iran in the era of the Shah, and Israel’s support for U.S.-Iran dialogue in the 1980s, were now gone. A U.S.-Iran rapprochement under these circumstances would come at the expense of Israel’s interest rather than enhancing Israel’s regional position.
“There was a feeling in Israel that because of the end of the Cold War, relations with the U.S. were cooling and we needed some new glue for the alliance. And the new glue … was radical Islam. And Iran was radical Islam,” Israeli analyst Efraim Inbar told me in October 2004.
A massive campaign was launched to depict Iran as “the greatest threat [to peace] and greatest problem in the Middle East.” Iran and its Shia ideology were the source of Islamic fundamentalism and an irredeemable threat, Israel argued.
This focus on Iran was a complete 180-degree turn by Israel, which only a few years earlier had pressed Washington to talk to Iran, to sell arms to Iran and to ignore Iran’s anti-Israel rhetoric."
We seem to be in an era where future honest historians - any honest historians now are rightly too terrified to speak - will describe World Jewry as having absolute power over the west, but exercising that power in a way that is too clever by half, actually damaging their own supremacist interests in a flight of self-congratulatory scheming.  Always remember that a great deal of the space for peace was created by infighting amongst the Jewish billionaire warmongers.

"A Huge Propaganda Coup for the Iranians–Were Sailors Ordered Not to Fight Back?"  The commentators rip this ripe piece of dung to shreds.

Coupled with the horror of what she actually did, this is a huge story, and typical of Hil the monster:  "Secretary of State Clinton Disobeyed President Obama"  Original story.  Note that Zeuss, without evidence, puts equal blame on Barry, which makes his title untrue.

""Syria regime prepares for ‘biggest military operation’ of war in Aleppo" Rudaw" And its comments.  Note the complicated Turkish ethnic cleansing plan for the buffer zone.