Monday, July 21, 2014

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

The Jew-controlled media will stop at nothing in their crazed determination to fool the American people into thinking that the Khazar 'fish-in-a-barrel' massacre of Palestinian civilians is actually a fair 'war' started by Hamas.  Tweet (Dima Eleiwa):
"YOU LUNATICS, MANIPULATIVE ARSHOLES! STOP manipulating the facts. Stop the lies!100 killed in not Israel "
There is no lie too big for their Jewish supremacist ends.

Telegenically Dead Palestinians

"‘Telegenically Dead Palestinians’: Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War" I don't really agree with this. The Jew-controlled media has reached spectacular new lows of mendacity. The truth is sneaking in, but mostly through Twitter. I suspect Twitter will have to be shut down ('couldn't make any money with that business model').

Yesterday, big massacre, as if they are afraid they are running out of killing time.  Today, direct attack on a working hospital. Destruction of health infrastructure is clearly part of the Khazar plan:  "#GazaUnderAttack | WARCRIME | Health Ministry: 25 health institutions demolished in the Israeli aggression"

Tweet (Michael Arria):
"Your daily reminder that is a horrible person. "

"Soda Stream in the occupied West Bank fired 60 Palestinian employees in an act of collective punishment"  The big hasbara argument was the employment of these very Palestinians!

Tweet (Saladin Ahmed):
"So if Al Qaeda had sent texts like this right before blowing up WTC, that would have made it ok, right? ht "
I think the worst thing about living under ZOG is that the Khazars force us to accept their twisted sense of morality, the complete opposite of real morality.  These ridiculous sadistic 'warnings', completely useless as real warnings, are supposed to be evidence of an illusive Jewish goodness.   "First Dog on the Moon on ... the attack on Gaza"

I notice a lot of the tweeters call Israel 'Israel', an indication of its illegitimacy.  I think we should start calling it by its real name, Occupied Palestine.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

You can begin to understand

"Exclusive: High-Level NSA Whistleblower Says Blackmail Is a Huge – Unreported – Part of Mass Surveillance":
"And even the raw data on American citizens collected by the NSA is shared with Israel.  This likely includes Congress members and other politicians, as well."
Add bribery and you can begin to understand the comical disconnect between what American officials consistently say about what is going on in Gaza, and what any moral and decent human being knows.

You can also see how the blackmail possibilities make it impossible for politicians to act to get rid of NSA.

Uninhabited buffer zone

The tactics and violence of the Israelis in Gaza leave me with the impression they intend to build a big uninhabited buffer zone, much bigger than what they already have, in north Gaza, but something less than full expulsion from the full territory.

"Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando 'tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know'"  "Hundreds protest against 'BBC pro-Israel bias' of Gaza coverage in cities across the UK"  I think these ubiquitous pedophile rings and the blackmail possibilities they create explain a lot about British politics.

"US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Supporting Israeli Assault on Gaza" ZOG, ZOGitty, ZOG, ZOG, ZOG!!! Note that Menendez (Dominican hookers) and Graham (flaming) are both obviously subject to blackmail.

"Watch Hillary Clinton vs. Jon Stewart on Gaza" Does World Jewry own Hillary!  Wow!  The Gaza greenhouse story is one of the big Zionist lies.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can't mention Gaza

I find it amusing that most of the traditional American 'liberal' or 'progressive' sites can't even mention Gaza as they are either run by Jewish group supremacists, or funded by them.  We should blame Jewish group supremacist politics for the destruction of American progressive politics.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


"Malaysian Plane crashes over the Ukraine"  Reddit.  Seems to point to Novorossian forces thinking they were using their Buk missile system to shoot down a military plane, although at least some of the information is coming from Ukrainian intelligence, and thus may be questionable.

Various atrocities

Tweet (muiz):
"WTF WORLD? Traveller's lounge in Tripoli's Int'l airport, Libya hit by a rocket resulting in this apocalyptic photo "
"President Putin's plane might have been the target for Ukrainian missile - sources"

"Could Russian Or Pro-Russian Forces Have Shot Down MH17?" You have to go as far as the comments to see talk of false flag.

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"Don't send your ambulances to 's el-Wafa, . Do your fucking duty and STOP ISRAEL FROM SHELLING IT. "
The Jews are shelling el-Wafa hospital, presumably in accordance with their deep Jewish morality.  It is not what you say you do, it is what you do.

Liars and lies

"NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children"  "Gaza beach monstrosity resonates in US media, but uncomfortably" (original headkine changed to "NBC reportedly orders Mohyeldin to leave Gaza — after he criticized State Dep’t")

"US State Department blames Hamas for Israel’s murder of Gaza children"

"Bill Clinton: Hamas "forces Israel to kill civilians""

"Israel showed restraint in Gaza before attacking? You must be kidding"

"Protesters force BBC to confront its pro-Israel bias"

"Washington Post’s Gaza Dispatch: Ugly and Dishonest" by Jonathan Cook

"Rachel Maddow ignores the story in Israel/Palestine" Amusing attempt to pretend there is no story by simply avoiding mentioning it.

"Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism"  "Shocking scenes as gang of Jewish vigilantes goes on rampage in Paris during pro-Palestine demo"  So typical:  violent supremacist Jewish terrorists attack peaceful protesters, story is flipped upside down, and the result is peaceful pro-Palestinian protest is banned in France.

"Vocativ’s ridiculous I.S.I.S. story fails to mention the company’s deep links to Israeli intelligence"

"Did you notice about Gaza?"

"Why I'm Pro-Israeli AND Pro-Palestinian"  Ha!  Of course, the real reason behind Bibi's slaughter is to destroy the Palestinian unity government by fatally weakening Hamas.  The one good thing about this humanitarian tragedy - besides opening the eyes of of millions or even billions of people to the essential perfidy of the racist group supremacist Jews - is that Bibi's plan backfired, with Hamas much strengthened.

Retail view of normal every-day supremacism (note the automatic false flag attempt):  "Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one"

Tweets on the slaughter

Some tweets (I've linked to the first word in each tweet that isn't a Twitter address or hashtag):
  1. "Because memories are short. On 29 June, Israel killed a Hamas member in . On 30 June, this headline: Hamas fires rockets for first time since 2012, Israeli officials say" (Ben White).  Palestinian violence is always a reaction to Jewish violence.
  2. "We must never allow moral relativism to act as cover for the indiscriminate attacks on we have seen over the past 8 days." (John Baird).  Note the responses.
  3. "For Palestinians to have called up Adelson, he would have to first, you know, acknowledge that Palestinians exist. " (Gal Beckerman).  Responding to surreal hasbara on Sheldon building casinos in Gaza.
  4. "People saying Palestinians need a Mandela. Israelis would shoot him, then bomb him & then blame him for living near rocket sites"  (Real Change Possible)
  5. ". Are you saying Hamas infiltrated the IDF and is using the Israeli military to wage an unprovoked war of aggression? Huge, if true" (Sam Knight).  The Jews, with their quintessential gracelessness, are trying to blame their slaughter of the boys on the beach on Hamas.
  6. "Brazen liars: "An Israeli official said the shelling was another example of Hamas using civilians as human shields" " (Alex Kane)
  7. " I'm so sorry for you more Jews aren't dead, since that would make you feel better, obviously" (John Podhoretz)  John Podhoretz follows the bizarre Frum attempt to paint the world's disgust - and in particular the fact that Israel has no justification for this mass civilian slaughter - as Jew-hatred.
  8. " Podhoretz: "The kids that the IDF murdered on that beach looked fully adult."" (Dan)  A well-received jab at Podhoretz.
  9. " -- Another way of saying, "Not enough Jews killed." Thanks for you feedback."  (Neil Steinberg)  Frum again.
  10. "Hamas won a "slight majority" in the '06 PLC election says 's . It won 74 seats to Fatah's 45" (Degenerate Gandhi)  Jews are lying at a desperate rate, even beating their usual standards.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dried out

"Lost US extraordinary rendition files have 'dried out', Foreign Office says"  They're just messing with us now.

Assange lost

It took a while for orders to come in from Washington, but arrive they did, and Assange lost. 

Pure Evil

"NBC Witnesses Deaths of 4 Kids in Gaza" "Witness to a shelling: first-hand account of deadly strike on Gaza port"  Tweet (Joe Catron).

"#GazaUnderAttack | El-Wafa Elderly Nursing Home shelled by the Israeli military"

"Gaza hospital defies Israel evacuation warning amid fears for frail patients"

"Israel urges Palestinian evacuation via 100,000 automated calls"  Note how they are giving 'warnings' to places they have no intention of hitting.  They are just sadistically spreading terror.

"Most Israelis oppose Gaza ceasefire"

Tweet (Cryptome):
"Viewing slaughtering Palestinians boosts testosterone: "
It is worth remembering the e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s history of Jewish terrorist attacks on Palestinians, largely hidden from us for obvious reasons:  "Israeli Massacres on Palestinians"

I think our big problem is that we don't know what pure evil looks like, leaving us unable to counter it, or even talk about it.

Assange detention order hearing

The hearing to attempt to lift the Swedish Assange detention order is being covered live here.  If they do lift it, I'll be interested in seeing what hilarious crap the British come up with to make sure he stays in London.

  1. This is exemplary live-blogging.
  2. Assange's lawyers have an enormous number of winning arguments. If Assange doesn't win, Sweden really is crooked.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No exit/careerist sociopaths

IMF alternative/New World Order:  "Anti-Dollar Alliance Prepares Launch Of BRICS Bank"  "BRICS against Washington consensus"  "Russia wipes out Cuban debt"

Thanks yet again, Jews!:  "No exit from Gaza: A new war crime?" by Richard Falk

"Iranian Sanctions Have Cost U.S. Economy Up to $175 Billion, Study Says"  Oh, and I guess you know who's going to pay for rebuilding all those buildings and infrastructure in Gaza that World Jewry is blowing up.  Kosher Tax 2 (or 3, or 17, or 178, or 6,000,000).

Ha!  ZOGGITY, ZOG, ZOG, ZOG!!!  Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Can someone explain to me the logic of inviting Israel's ambassador to ? Is it to haze the Muslims amoral enough to attend?"

". . . all seven judges agreed that material support for terrorism is not a war crime triable by military commission, even for a defendant who forfeited his defenses at trial."  Hicks out.  Somebody owes him a shitload of money.

Gellmann (2nd NSA source):
"There have been stories published in Germany that are not attributed to Snowden, and that do not have the byline of any journalist who received documents from Snowden. I suspect they come from a different source, but I have no hard information to confirm that."

"Swartz's death matters because it illustrates a fundamental truth about modern American politics. He wanted nothing more than to build, to make our society better, to heal the sick and turn swords into ploughshares. He did what all great activists and dissidents do, which is to show where our own rhetoric falls short, and point us towards a brighter path. At other moments in history, we would have protected our young, and recognized that they seek to build a better world. But our institutions—corporate, academic, and political—are, by and large, run by careerist sociopaths, and these people decided it's more important to take out the Aaron Swartzs of the world than to admit their own error."

Tweet (JLLLOW) (S-no!-wden):
 "what happened here"

Tweet (Lisa Goldman) (Iraq and Iran!!!):
"RT @Ali_Gharib: This is really something. Even Goldman Sachs folks were stunned at what a horrific person Cheney is."
"Norwegian Physician Treating Wounded Civilians: Stop the Bombing, End Israeli Impunity in Gaza"  He'll have to keep coming back until we put a stop to the violence of World Jewry.

The last 'ceasefire':  "#GazaUnderAttack | Nov 27, 2013 | Full List of 287 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated"  "Hamas did not reject a ceasefire, Israel did"

"Understanding The Permanence Of Greater Israel"  Therefore, one state solution (politically ruled by Palestinians) or genocide/apartheid.

The Egyptian (Blair?) trick:  "Israel seeks legitimation to continue attack on Gaza"

"Global totalitarianism: Change not forbidden, change is impossible" by Claudio Gallo

The aliens beneath

Tweet (Alan Dershowitz):
"Cheering explosions that end human lives! Thank you for shining a light on the Palestinian culture of death: "
Tweet (David Frum):
"Hamas: “We’re the victims, because our indiscriminate rocket fire in the war we started isn’t killing as many civilians as we expected.”"
Jeffrey Goldberg: "Is Hamas Trying to Get Gazans Killed?"

The façade that fools us into thinking they are just like the rest of us, moral and decent people, is falling away, revealing the very alien identity of vicious violent racist group supremacists.  This is the opposite of good hasbara, revealing how they really feel, and emphasizing the deep, deep, deep immorality of the Jewish position, profoundly foreign to human beings.  They might as well be from another planet.

Egyptian dirty trick

We're in the middle of a dirty trick between the Israelis and the (Israeli-controlled) Egyptian government (you can see why Sisi was put in charge), with the Egyptian government proposing a ceasefire agreement approved by Israel (and no doubt written by Israel), without having shown it to Hamas.  When rejected by Hamas - there are conflicting stores whether this has happened yet - the rejection will be a big part of the hasbara to support the ongoing and intensified Jewish slaughter program.

Supreme irony

Tweet by Prez Gaz:
"Supreme irony if detained 4 years for questioning over sex case while hiding his own involvement in paedophile ring."
"Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring among ministers'"

"William Hague stifled 1996 paedophile report, says 'victim'"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Could not be better

This is choice.  Blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist, and needless to say great hero of the 'left', Slavoj Žižek, has been caught red handed plagiarizing from a summary of the arguments of a 'white supremacist'.  The 'white supremacist' in question?  Kevin MacDonald! 

He appears to have been caught because the summary is so much better written than anything Žižek has ever managed to write, and thus stood out like a sore thumb.

Sailer (Deogolwulf, who first caught the plagiarism, is comment 22).  There are some excellent critiques of - and a lot of praise for - MacDonald in the comments.

This comment is great fun:
"MacDonald’s thesis would be well served by a deeper analysis of Israel. As things stand, Israel is a project to integrate various largely unrelated Jewish peoples, most of whom are profoundly cognitively inferior to the dominant European Ashkenazi Jews, who now represent well under half of the Jewish population of Israel, and under 40% of the Israeli population overall. As an ethno-nationalistic Ashkenazi Jew, . . . "

The comment by Guillaume Durocher is worth thinking about.

Heroes and zeroes

Joe Catron is an American serving as a human shield in Shifa hospital in Gaza.  The (extremely optimistic) hope is that the chance of slaughtering an American will deter the Jews from shelling a hospital.  His tweets are worth following.

"Supplies exhausted at Gaza hospitals, but not medical workers’ commitment"

Tweet from Omar Ghraieb:  "Types of explosions we hear: 1- Sudden blast. 2- hear missile falling then blast. 2nd type is psychologically better. "

And:  "I cant believe that U can actually feel better hearing the missile fall. It feels crazy 2 write it but its true. "

And:  "I know its crazy but hearing a missile fall (anticipating death) is better than a sudden blast where U just get blown up! "

"Gaza report: War against civilians"  "In Gaza, there is scant time to flee the bombs and 'no place is safe'"  "MOH: Crisis looms in Gaza health sector, int'l community must act"

"Right-wingers attack leftists in Tel Aviv demonstration:  Demonstrators attacked with clubs after rocket siren sounded; one man rushed to hospital; Police make no arrests.":
"Israeli rapper Yoav Eliasi, known by the stage-name "The Shade," was spotted among the right-wingers and later thanked his fellow activists for showing up, noting members of the Beitar Jerusalem F.C. fanclub, among others. "Together we're a force against the real enemy among us, the radical left, and thanks to my guys who are apparently called the lions, and thanks to the IDF, all this is for you!" he wrote on his Facebook page."

Frum tweet.  Actually worse than I expected.

Tweet:  "Israeli officials admit to destroying Hamas members' homes even when no weapons inside "  "Israeli airstrikes hit UNRWA stockrooms, civilians’ homes"

"Dwight Howard Has Actual Opinion, Promptly Apologizes For It"

"Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook"

Tweet:  "All relaxed and smoking while they watch Israel bomb Gaza and innocents being murdered. Shameless."

Tweet:  "Headline makes you think it's a fair fight - Israel and Palestinians continue to trade strikes LA Times"

"More Misleading Coverage at 'NYT'"

"As Gaza deaths mount, UK media leads world trend to criticize Israel"  Tweet from Peter Beaumont.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Live tweeted mass massacre

Is Gaza the first live tweeted mass massacre by its potential victims?

"That was close."

""Israel" hasn't quit bombing Gaza btw: 9.32 al-Forwana home, in Al Zaytoun is destroyed 9.56 Abu Mur home in Rafah hit, Maher Abu Mur killed"

"The target is Al Narjis tower. Now women and children are screaming inside. no ambulances"

"That last blast was earth shaking. Please everyone stay away from the windows bc of flying glass! 343am"

"As airstrikes bomb Gaza there is this cat screaming sooo loud now"

Exemplary restraint

Tweet (Timothy E Kaldas):
" bombs center for in exemplifying "exemplary restraint" that mentioned. Via "
Tweet (Timothy E Kaldas):
"Absurd piece in praising 's "exemplary" sparing of civilians. Exemplifies why ppl stopped reading Slate "
"Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli air strike destroys home for the disabled killing two women residents"

Tweet (Belal - Gaza):
"IOF planes are dropping leaflets on north ordering an estimated population of 200 thousand ppl to evacuate their homes in one hour!"
The 'warnings' are simply Jewish sadism.

"Palestinian side: 167 killed, 1130 injuries and 374 destroyed homes. Israeli side: 10 cows killed and Neil Young concert is cancelled."
Tweet (marmite_news):
"Reports from Gaza hospital that Israel is using DIME bombs. via "
"Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel" by Chris Ernesto

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The worst is yet to come

"Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine"  Nice summary, quick and to the point.

"COMPANIES TO AVOID:  (These are the companies assisting the funding of the palestinian genocide by Israeli Defense Force)"

"Colonialism never ended in Palestine" by Rami G. Khouri.  I lean more to the pathological killer explanation, which arises from the supremacism..  Their collective behavior only makes sense if they don't regard gentiles as human beings.

The 'tapping' on the roof - greatly applauded by the Jew-controlled media as an example of Jewish morality - is surely not a warning but a sadistic way to increase the terror, as everybody ends up dead anyway.

"Is Hamas Trying to Get Gazans Killed?"  A new low for the concentration camp guard.

"Hamas-affilicated civilians"

"I am told that this is a picture of Israelis cheering the bombing of Gaza"  "Twitter uproar over pic of 'applauding' Israelis watching night attacks on Gaza"

Israel's obligation to protect the civilians under its occupation

Debate (it is hardly a debate, she wipes the floor with him, although there is no reason for her to blame Hamas for the tiny rockets) between Noura Erakat and Joshua Hantman (my emphasis in red):
"What’s happening right now amounts to a massacre. It is not a war. And we should all be concerned.
Israel claimed that it has the right to self-defense, but an occupying power does not have the right to self-defense; it has an obligation and a duty to protect the civilians under its occupation. Even if it fails to meet that duty, it must abide by humanitarian law, principles of distinction, proportionality, of necessity. It has not abided by any of those. What’s happening in Gaza amounts to war crimes. It’s a repeat of what happened in 2008 and 2009. It’s a repeat of what happened in 2012.
Unfortunately, we can see this repeated again, unless Israel is held to account under international humanitarian law mechanisms, under international criminal law, under sanctions by other governments, in order to stop these massacres—not just now, but in the long run—and more importantly than that, to address the root causes of these flareups or symptoms of a much deeper problem, which is the structural violence of occupation, of apartheid and of settler colonialism."
More here:  "No, Israel Does Not Have the Right to Self-Defense In International Law Against Occupied Palestinian Territory":
"A state cannot simultaneously exercise control over territory it occupies and militarily attack that territory on the claim that it is “foreign” and poses an exogenous national security threat. In doing precisely that, Israel is asserting rights that may be consistent with colonial domination but simply do not exist under international law. "

The occupied status of Gaza:  "Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under international law, its violations and implications for EU policy"

"Israel’s Gaza Genocide Redux" by Professor Francis A. Boyle

The way ZOG forces American officials to talk makes Hagel sound like he's had some kind of stroke.

"Hostilities in Gaza and Israel, UN Situation Report as of 11 July 2014"

"Human Rights Watch, taking Israel’s side (again)"  What a jokeAmnesty goes the everybody-is-to-blame route, but is significantly better.

"Do you feel safer now Israel after you bomb the hell out of a orphanage killing disabled kids"

"The Latest From Gaza"

"Steven Erlanger and Isabel Kershner falsify the words of Khalid Mish`al on purpose: New York Times BLATANTLY distorts the words of Khalid Mish`al"

Friday, July 11, 2014


"List of victims of Israel's assault on Gaza"  Partial list - it is impossible to keep up with the murdering.  Edit:  more up-to-date list.

"Israel Prepares to Invade Gaza Photos"  Cryptome's 'Gaza Bombing' photos are a mess and worse than useless as the mixed up photos are just ammunition for the hasbara-ites.

"Newly obtained emails contradict administration claims on Guardian laptop destruction"  Greenwald discovers yet another lie from the Obama Administration.  I think his last paragraph represents the underlying philosophy of Obama - years of education in Islamophobia is supposed to make Americans indifferent to all the excesses of the NSA.

"Young Arabs are widely circulating this in social media today"  Perceptive understanding of supremacism.

Someone has to speak for a failing empire

"The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control" by Antony Loewenstein

"Opinion: We should be ashamed of these emergency surveillance powers"  "No Emergency! Stop the Data Retention Stitch Up!"  "Emergency surveilliance law: Cameron's cynical appeal to the three of the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse" This phony emergency and utterly undemocratic presentation of the legislation as a fait accompli by party leaders is so utterly crooked on the face of it that I am a little surprised there haven't been calls in Britain for mass hangings of all the criminal party leadership for treason.  The War For The Jews against the Syrian people was also supposed to be a fait accompli until backbenchers rose up and flipped World Jewry the finger (don't forget this is the same exact issue, with the data collection 'necessary' as part of the GWOT).  Can democracy break out again?

"Palestinian journalists under Israeli fire"  Part of an Israeli pattern.

"State Dep’t says Israel has a right to defend itself, but can’t say the same of Palestinians"  Jen Psaki  is always good for a laugh.  Justpassingby says "fked in the head", but I'm diagnosing some kind of early-onset Alzheimer's, completely appropriate for the fucked in the head American empire.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bomb Shelter Selfies

Tweet:  "Bomb Shelter Selfies"

Another death tweet

"The 4th floor of Al-Wafa hospital east of Gaza has just been attacked by an Israeli warplane."

There is a way to stop the supremacists, but it involves a cessation of the lying that protects them, so I guess it ain't happening.

How many dollars per word?

"Obama's Call w/Netanyahu: Israel has right "to defend itself against attacks""  "Obama raises big bucks at home of man who said president and Netanyahu are on ‘the same page’"

Tweets of death

The ABC World News 'apology' tweet.  The responses are good.  Remember, this isn't a faulty world-view problem - there are simply too many steps of 'mistakes' required.  This is a situation where there is an ongoing massive fish-in-a-barrel murdering of Palestinian civilians, including children, and simply no possible excuse for it, and in particular, no comparable Israeli suffering whatsoever (the Israelis have paid some riff-raff collaborators in Gaza to lob some worthless fireworks in the general direction of Israel, and blame it all on Hamas, when of course Hamas has much more effective missiles available to it which for some mysterious reason it is not using).  So an instrument of the Jew-controlled media had to make something up (of course, Jews and Palestinians being genetically identical helped!!!).  Simple as that, and until you start acknowledging the deep problem of having a Jew-controlled media with Jewish supremacist motives you are aiding and abetting the slaughter.

The fun tweets keep coming, referring to a NYT headline:  "Missile at Beachside Gaza Cafe Finds Patrons Poised for World Cup"  Just some supremacist gloating.

"Israelis clapping when they hear blasts in Gaza: culture of death"

"Terrifying tweets of pre-Army Israeli teens"

J. Edgar roided out

"'Israel under renewed Hamas attack', says the BBC. More balance is needed"  Ha!  Of course if you dare even mention the phrase 'Jew-controlled media' you are beneath contempt.

"Jill Abramson Talks Obama Secrecy and Her New York Times Firing"  Surprisingly good stuff on Obama, Clapper and Greenwald, though her Snowden question reveals her to be a total airhead.

"High-Level NSA Official: the NSA Has Become “J. Edgar Hoover On Super Steroids”"  It is not just the specific blackmail, but the fact that all politicians and high-level bureaucrats know that they could be blackmailed unless they stay in line.

"Anger over Senate’s torture report fades to silence"

"Files on UK role in CIA rendition accidentally destroyed, says minister"  Ha!  They don't even care any more if we believe their obvious whoppers.

"Obama’s Failure and Richard Perle’s Whitewashing of the Iraq War"  "The Times, they are a-Kagan"  The Wars-For The-Jews promoters we know as neocons can and do use 'anti-Semite' as a weapon, and you still have to be careful circling the issue of how their motivation is entirely violent racist Jewish group supremacism.

Supremacist rules

"William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas . . . "

Aaron Bady tweet

"The Gaza Rules" Jews actually seem to get some weird sexual pleasure out of boasting how supremely moral they are while they are being as immoral as it is possible to be.

I think we've finally reached the point where it is no longer possible to hide the unchecked, extremely violent, ultra-racist group supremacism of the Jewish people.  Moral and decent people feel like vomiting with very word that a piece of shit like Saletan writes.  The funny thing is that his supremacism makes him completely oblivious to how evil he appears to all of us.

Just leave

Tweet from Philip Oltermann:
"German government has asked the representative of America's secret services in Germany to leave the country"
I'm sure the CIA has too much dirt on Merkel's Stasi past for this to ever happen.

ABC News 'mistake'

It is difficult to educate Americans on how locking people in a cage and blowing up their children is actually a 'war'. It is a particular problem when all the dead and injured are on one side of the conflict.

Sometimes you just have to lie.

"ABC News tells viewers that scenes of destruction in Gaza are in Israel"

"ABC World News Misidentifies Photo of Palestinians as Suffering Israelis"

"Gaza, Israel, it’s easy as ABC"

Twitter statement (and outraged responses)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bad for morale

Mohammed Raghead

There is a big attack on Pando for daring to suggest there might be anything conspiratorial about what Greenwald is up to.  The Greenwald story.

"Senators Clueless About NSA Bombshell"  Not clear if that stupid and uninformed or pretending to be while awaiting spin instructions from their Pentagon masters. "Senate committee adopts cybersecurity bill opposed by NSA critics"

"Edward Snowden or the NSA: Who Violated Your Privacy More?"  On a hilarious, if desperate, attempt to spin the latest Washington Post story.

Hilarity abounds:  "Gitmo brass testifying on force-feeding would be bad for morale, US says":
"The former warden of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility should not be hauled into court to “defend against our enemies’ legal challenges” because it could lead to low morale among soldiers under his command who may question his leadership skills . . . "

CIA Officer Peter Enzminger

"The ISIS Is A U.S. Tool "Conspiracy Theories"" The idea that the US is all-powerful, and successfully manipulates everybody, is obviously no longer true, if it ever was.  The collapse of empire changes everything.

"Monsanto Buys Up Heirloom Seed Suppliers"  I assume to destroy the lines (i.e., unpatentable competition).

"Was Cuba Behind Daily Caller's Debunked Menendez-Prostitute Story?"  Debunked?  Paying off witnesses isn't quite the same as debunking.  I hope that this wild conspiracy theory prompts somebody to look back into this story, which goes a long way to explaining how blackmail works in Washington.

"Stolen Matisse painting returned to Venezuela after more than a decade"  These obscure cultural things can be signs of a weakening of tensions.

"Chomsky, BDS And The Jewish Left Paradigm"  Excellent Atzmon on Chomsky and the Jewish conspiracy to shift the BDS movement into a tool for achieving Jewish supremacist ends.

"On the Israeli Police Beating of a Palestinian, and Other Crimes"  He manages to hold it together until the end (and we get a bonus self-serving unverifiable concentration camp story featuring the concentration camp guard as humanitarian hero), when the group supremacism pops out.

"Jewish Supremacist Media Control Reveals its Hand in Coverage of Latest Israeli Violence"

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

WikiLeaks tweeting

Lots from in and around the Wikileaks twitter feed.  Twitter is becoming a very useful resource.

"Exclusive: Democracy Now! Goes Inside Embassy Refuge, Talks w/ Julian Assange About WikiLeaks, Snowden"  Note the opening of packages to 'backdoor' chips.

"Swedish Prosecutor: Time to Close the Assange Case"

Tweet:  ": We have proof are involved in UK spying operation against embassy "  Note the Qatar connection to Harrods.  Time to boycott Harrods.

Tweet:  "UK Home Office: Govt pedophile inquiry: £4,166/month 'guarding' : £280,833/month "

Tweet:  "In 2013 govt pedophiles investigated by 7 officers while 32 'guarded' 24/7

"Westminster paedophile ring allegations: Scotland Yard detectives trace 'victim'"  Of course, people were just as outraged about this sort of thing ten or twenty or thirty years ago, and the only reason it has been allowed to go on is for the blackmail and control possibilities.

From the WiliLeaks US cables on Indonesia:  "Murder, human rights abuse and kidnapping: WikiLeaks cables reveal Prabowo’s brutal past"

This Day in WikiLeaks

Monday, July 07, 2014

Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorders

"The Israeli nation collectively mourns - but why?"  The great moral failure of our time is the inability - or dogged unwillingness (often on the 'left' an unwillingness that has been bought and paid for) - to recognize what violent group supremacism looks like.

No Snowden dump:  "Yeah, John was a dick and got drunk and lied"

"Chomsky and BDS"  Noam's incoherent flipping is sad, but also encouraging, as it proves that World Jewry is terrified of the emerging change in attitude of the rest of the world towards the violent racist supremacism of the Jewish people.

"The Moral Economy of Settler Colonialism: Israel and the “Evacuation Trauma”"  You have to love how supremacists turn everything into an issue of how they are feeling.  As in:  "Making your child drink gasoline and then setting him on fire is making me feel slightly conflicted."  Golda!  "Peace-Traumatic Stress Disorders"!

"Germany Getting Ready To Divorce U.S. Ally" OR "The German government is acting on it´s own accord as an accomplice, not a vassal of US strategy"?

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Colliding priorities

"US bows to pressure on El Salvador seed program"  Sometimes priorities collide, and Monsanto has to take a back seat to immigrant bashing.

The judicial system has been a horrible disappointment in this era of the 1%, but sometimes judges - in this case, Justice Anne Mactavish (although she is not without the usual flaws) - surprise you:  "The 2012 modifications to the Interim Federal Health Program potentially jeopardize the health, the safety and indeed the very lives of these innocent and vulnerable children in a manner that shocks the conscience and outrages our standards of decency."

"Leaving the Huffington Post" Huffington Post caught in a lie over its Zionist censorship.  We can't begin to imagine how much of this censorship goes on behind the scenes.

"The Superpower and the Caliphate" Ford gets the subtleties right.  The United States is demonstrating every symptom of imperial collapse, including dabbling in areas it can no longer control on the assumption that it still has its old power.

Greenwald tweet (read the responses, not perhaps what he'd hoped for, though of course he could easily release everything else and hide the private emails):
 "Do "publish-it-all" people believe the 160,000 emails from private individuals in Snowden archive should be published?"

"Now Applebaum"

The point of the exercise is not to make Americans safer by fighting the Global War On Terror.  The point of the exercise is to create a general climate of fear and paranoia to suppress any thought of political dissent.  So: "In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are"  The publication of this article is part of the NSA paranoia-creation program, as of course are Greenwald's selective releases.

The shit is really sticking to Barry.

"The Tragedy of Collective Punishment"  We're hearing about this as Bibi took it too far, and it is starting to backfire.  The Jews are very close to losing the big bonus of having the Palestinians police their own political repression.

"Kiosks selling Dead Sea products ejected from New Zealand’s Westfield malls"  Note the layers of depravity - the specific reason for the ejection was "sales practices on elderly and vulnerable shoppers".

For future reference:  "Federal State of Novorossiya"

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Plot idea

"Burned Alive"  It must have been extremely difficult for Judy Rudoren to keep from writing that the Jews just wanted him to be warm and comfortable when he died (but note she can't help repeating thew utterly graceless 'honor killing' lie).

"It’s reported that Palestinian eyewitnesses took down the license plate of the getaway vehicle.  They also have videotape of the actual abduction.  Israel knew within two days of the Hebron kidnapping the identity of the suspected kidnappers.  I’m willing to bet the Shabak knows who killed Mohamed.  Every day they do not catch them is another day of shame for Israel."

"Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?"

Snowden Two?:  "The NSA may have another leaker on its hands"

"The fall of President Bling-Bling: Driven from police cells at 2am, Sarkozy - the French peacock who married a supermodel and lived like a king - faces ten years amid lurid claims he took millions from Gaddafi"

"The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities"  I'm just curious about what Willie Wonka is thinking.  The Ukrainian government is conducting war crimes and crimes against humanity against civilians on a massive scale.  Ukraine is going down the shitter, and Willie will be out of politics soon.  In a few years, the world will be run by the BRICS, and Willie won't have any protection, either inside or outside Ukraine.  He will go to jail for these crimes.

"NDP’s anti-Palestine sentiment is part of a much wider problem"  It is impossible to be anti-Palestinian, or pro-Israeli, and be progressive.  Impossible.

"Syria conflict: UK planned to train and equip 100,000 rebels"

Plot idea.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Murder hypocrisy

"Selfie of Mohammed Abukhdair, the Palestinian teen who was kidnapped and tortured to death by Israeli settlers. RIP."

"Who Murdered 16-Year-Old Mohammed Abu Khdeir? More And More, It Looks Like Right Wing Jews Did"  The irony is that this murder may spare the Palestinians at least a little bit, as Bibi has to back down on the scope of the mass murder plans he had due the cumulative PR problems of the murder, the nasty supremacist actions and comments of Israeli Jews, and the problem that the Jew-controlled media is unable to completely suppress awareness of the hypocrisy of the phony indignation by the Jewish mass murders of Palestinian children.

"Police break up Mississauga protest against killing of Israeli teens"  Note how this is spun.  If you read carefully you will see that the Jewish Defense League attacked some Canadians trying to protect the Palestine House community centre, and the police arrested none of the attackers.

"Scaife Dies"

"Israel Defense Force Deletes "Nuclear Leak" Tweet; Blames Cyber Terrorism"

"Tony Blair to advise Egypt president Sisi on economic reform"  Tony must be feeling fairly comfortable.

Both the federal and Ontario NDP moved radically right in their respective last election campaigns in failed attempts at political power, cynical moves that have caused considerable soul-searching amongst real progressives.

Btw, note what got this guy into trouble:  "Paul Manly - Not your NDP's candidate"

"Are You Targeted By The NSA?" "NSA targets the privacy-conscious" As bad as this is, nobody should be shocked by anything at this point. Anything that might possibly be used to protect privacy is going to be used as a honeytrap.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Free Assange Now

"Free Assange Now"

"Reporting contradictions on Israeli deaths"  "One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years"  "Walking around now, some groups of young fascists are out "looking for Arabs""  "On The Scene Of A Revenge Attack On A Young Palestinian"  "Mob Of Italian Jews Allegedly Attacks Pro-Palestinians In Rome" (read the comments)

Note how the violent racist group supremacism of the Jewish people makes the contradictions in their position invisible to them, and, through their iron control of the media, hidden from us.

"look at the size of the font between the two headlines"

"The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance"

"Chalabi Back, Still Chance Judy Miller Will Win Pulitzer"